Karen Petersen(non-registered)
I will be sharing this website with my oldest Grandson, Dylan Gomes. He is studying baboons in Namibia at the moment. Formerly spent a year in Germany and year and a half in Panama with bats. He is a biologist and has plans to start his Phd next year in Idaho. He has been traveling a lot and hopes to see much more of the world. Your pictures came to mind when we talked via Internet about our bucket lists.....Antarctica is on both our lists, so I hope he can get a glimpse of the beauty there through your fantastic collections. Great work, Carl. Hope to take my Grandson on some epic journeys in the coming years. Thanks for sharing .....Happy Trails to you
Jeannie Fuller(non-registered)
Carl - you take such fantastic photos. I might take a great photo every once in a while, but you take them all the time! I'm jealous. Plus, I think it is a great idea so people can see via your pictures what they are missing by not being there. Maybe it will encourage people to go to these exciting places.
Dennis Allen(non-registered)
You knew I'd be checking up on you. Great job
Bob White(non-registered)
Wonderful Carl - nice job!
Dan Hall(non-registered)
All I can say is incredible, and I haven't even dug into the website yet.
Chuck Olson(non-registered)
awesome photos and website, Carl!!
Marsha Barnet(non-registered)
Great site to show off your beautiful work! Looking good!
Mary Beall(non-registered)
Great idea Carl, congrats on the beautiful site.
Laura Hale(non-registered)
I have always loved your photos, you have such a great eye. You make me feel like I am there. Beautiful.
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